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Recent developments and updates.


The story of 21TDMC begins already from the point when our CTO, Samuli Penttinen invented the most efficient and simple heat collecting and flue gas cleaning chimney. The ECO-chimney was so efficient on cleaning the most harmful nano-size particulate emissions, that it surprised everyone, as well with the heat recovery efficiency it performed. After inventing the chimney, mr Penttinen started to study solutions which could transform the recovered excess heat to power, and found out that there was not efficient enough solution ready anywhere in the world. That's where our story begun.

The European Parlament set a framework of Ecodesign requirements for energy-related products, including wood- and biomass burning heating devices already at 2009. In the framework, ambitious goals were drafted for energy efficiency and health related issues, such as particulate matter emissions from biomass burning. Regulations were announced in the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2015/1185 of 24 April 2015 for solid fuel local space heaters, including relatively strict limitations for particulate matter emissions for biomass burning heaters. The deadline is closing soon, and all new products must fit on the new regulations by the January 2022.

Without proper equipments, biomass combustion results in severe indoor air pollution, especially particulate matter (PM). Exposure to the harmful particulate emission has been associated with increased risk for a suite of negative health outcomes, such as acute respiratory infection, chronic respiratory disease, and mortality. European Comission has been aware of the threat that increasing efforts for using biomass more efficiently for the energy production will cause. We are grateful for inventors like mr Penttinen to come forward with new innovations that are solving threats that are affecting everyone.

The flue cleaning and heat recovery solution - ECO-chimney is a perfect solution ready for implementation and solving the problem for the manufacturers to ensure seamless continuation of the production and sales of biomass burning applications. Our unique engine, which is currently under development, will fit perfectly with the ECO-chimney as highly sustainable and efficient overall solution for using biomass to generate clean and green energy without harmful emissions.

Stay tuned! More about the ECO-chimney will be published soon in our site.

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